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10 Great Tips to Create Beautiful Slideshow Presentations

The focus now has been  shifted from just enabling teachers and students to use digital tools to create presentations to focusing on  the quality of these presentations. Are they well structured ? Do they communicate clear messages ? Are they engaging and thought provoking ? and the list of questions goes on and on.


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  realizes the importance of presentations as teaching and learning tools and has featured several posts in this regard such as :

1- A List of 20 Tools for Teachers to Create Presentations and Slideshows
2- 10 Excellent  Alternatives to Power Points
3- Free Templates for your Presentations
4- The Best Slides and Presentations Search Engines for Educators
5- 4 Great Power Point and Slideshow Resources for Teachers to Download

Today we are sharing with you a great slideshow we learned from Dawson College. It features 10 tips for making beautiful slideshow presentations. I have gone through the whole tips and I am pretty sure you would find it useful as well. Share it with your students and colleagues .

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