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Google Search Calculator The Quickest Way to Perform Operations

Today as I was trying to add up a sum of figures I was working on I turned to Google to help me with the operation. I know I have a desktop calculator on my computer but I always look for the shorted and time saving way to do it and Google is always to the rescue.

Upon punching the equation in Google search bar, a neat and sophisticated calculator pulls up in the results allowing you to perform the operation right from its interface, and hence the idea of writing this post and sharing with you this little trick. I know some of you are already using it but many others still did not hear about it.

If you want to calculate something very quickly and with the minimum time possible then use the tip mentioned above and you will be amazed by the results. It is no fancy, but it just does the job for most quick calculations you and need to do, and in several ways way more convenient than a desktop calculator. You can also just type in calculator in the search bar and you will instantly access it . Check it at out Google Calculator

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