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9 Great Online Libraries for Educators

Libraries are significant resources for written text and educational materials. It is true that the surge in blogs, search engines, ebooks catalogues, and document sharing communities has tremendously weakened the online presence of libraries  but still often times libraries provide a treasure trove of information and rare documents that you can hardly find  elsewhere.

As educators, we should  at least  know about two or three library resources where to look for and find precious documentations. We should also introduce our students to such links and encourage them to use them in their research.Hence the importance of compiling a list of some of the best libraries online. Check out the list below and hopefully share it with your colleagues.

Please if you have other suggestions to add to the list then don't hesitate to share with us below :

1- Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library ( IPL ) is a great resouce for educators. It has a wealth of knowledge organized by topic. It also provides special collections, magazines and newspapers.

2-  Awesome Library

This is another great online library that provides directories, text books, documents and many more. It has a user friendly interface and is very simple to browse.

3- Library of Congress

This is an awesome library. It is basically an online catalog that provides users with information about books, prints, photographs, sounds, e-resources and many more.

4- Public Libraries

This is like a search engine desgined to help users find the public library they are looking for. It has listing for public, state, presidential, college, law, and other libraries both in and around the world.

5- Free Classic Reader

This is a great platform for those of you looking for classic fiction, non fiction, short stories, poetry, and many more resources.

6- WorldCat

WorldCat helps you find a library near you. It actually connects you to the collections and services of more than 10.000 libraries worldwide.

7- Questia

Questia helps you search for and find books, journal articles, and extra reading materials from all around the globe.

8- Library Spot

Library Spot allows its users to search for libraries online. They can search into different kinds of libraries such as film, academic, government, k-12, medical, national libraries.

9-  Free Internet Libraries

This a great platform where you can have access to a plethora of different libraries from all around the world. It provides books, textbooks, video lectures and many more. I highly recommend it, check it out .

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