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8 Great Free Educational Resources for Teachers

It is really amazing how technology is transforming education and making it way easier and better than it used to be. If you are a digital immigrant like me ( 30 years old up ), you would exactly not only know what I am talking about but also feel it. When I think back to those pen and pencil days when instruction used to take place in a boring  classroom  full of chalk dust  and how hard and limited our access to information was, I know how lucky our students are to be living in this digital boom where unlimited knowledge is at their fingertips.

Internet has definitely changed the course of education. It has revolutionized every facet of it and its train is still moving so you either hop aboard or lag behind and get outdated. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is trying to give a hand to all those of you looking for new pathways to integrate technology into their classrooms and eventually improve their students learning. In this regard, we are introducing you to another set of awesome open source education websites that you can try with your students. The huge benefit of these websites is manifested in the fact that they are free, easy to use and can exponentially expand your students knowledge and supplement the day formal coursework. Be it a student, a teacher, an educator or even parents, these tools will help you incorporate new media into your instruction.

Please keep in mind that many of the tools I have already reviewed here before are not included and I listed only new ones , because if I include all,  the list will be more than 50 tools.

1- Internet Archive

Internet Archive is an online library that offers permanent access for researches,scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.

2- Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenburg offers over 40.000 free ebooks. You can choose among free epub books, free kindle books, and you can also download or read them online. Check out The 9 Websites that offers free ebooks for more resources.

3- Federal Resources of Excellence

This is a platform provided by the United States government that offers excellent educational resources pertaining to a wide range of subjects

4- British Museum

The British Museum allows users to learn and discover more than 500 Museum objects and have access to some awesome adventure games and many more.

5- School Forge

School Forge offers open text and lessons, open curricula, free software and open source in education. It also features many educational resources and links for you to explore.

6- Dyscover

Dyscover is a software system designed to help children with learning disabilities. It can be used to teach characters, numerals, pronunciation, word-association and many more useful and creative things.

7- KidsKnowIt

KidsKnowIt provides the highest quality educational activities, products, movies, music, games, articles, text books, learning programs, lesson plans, worksheets, and distribute them completely free of charge.

8- Language Games

This is a great website that offers games that can help students acquire foreign language skills.

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