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10 Awesome Free Video Editing Tools for Teachers

Video editing skill is just as important as the audio editing skill we talked about in the previous post. The 21st century teacher should be able to create his own video clips and edit the ones he finds online if need be and share them with his students. Several educators think wrongly that such a skill requires an advanced technology knowledge while the truth is there are many web tools that facilitates this job and makes it as easy as writing an email.

I have compiled a list of some awesome video editing tools for teachers. These tools are very simple to use and free of charge. Check out the list and share it with your colleagues. Using these tools you will be able to add effects, crop, add subtitles, mix and many more.

1- Stroome

video editing tools

This is a collaborative video editing tool that lets users upload their own footage and edit it either alone or with other collaborators. It requires a sign up

2- Drag in Tape

video editing tools

This is another  collaborative online video merging service with which you can drag online videos starting with YouTube onto a 'tape' that can be shared with the world. It requires a sign up.

3- Pixorial

video editing tools

Pixorial is a cool video editing platform that you can use to work on your videos and store them or share them with others online. It also requires a sign up

4- ViewBix

video editing tools

ViewBix has a free basic version with limited features such as : adding calls-to-action to any video, adding interactive apps, and sharing videos on the web or via Facebook and Twitter.

5- Overstream

video editing tools

Overstream is a great tool that allows you to add subtitles to online videos. It is very easy and simple to use. Watch their  demo video to learn how to work on it. It also requires a sign up

7- YouTube Editor

video editing tools

This is the official video editing platform of YouTube where you can edit your videos and customize them the way you want. It is my favourite. Read this post to learn more about this tool

9- WeVideo

video editing tools

WeVideo lets you tell your story with video. It has an online video editing platform that is simple to use and uniquely collaborative.

10- Magisto

video editing tools

This is a great video editing tool that automatically turns plain videos into beautifully edited and produced movies, perfect for sharing.

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