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Great Guide to Summer Learning Activities

We all lover summer, for it is the time when we catch up with life and recharge for the next school year. But one of the popular fallacies about summer is that it is just time for fun and recreation. Absolutely not, learning is a life long process . Being a  life long learner is one of the most important skill of both  the 21st century educators and students   . It is true, however, that the kind of learning that takes place in the summer is a bit different in that it mostly takes place in informal settings and sometimes include third and fourth parties ( friends you meet in a camp..,etc., )

summer activities

To make summer learning an enjoyable experience for your kids, Common Media Sense has compiled an awesome guide containing summer technology activities broken down to fit different  age groups  ( young, older, teens ). These activities are organized into 6 main categories with each one of them featuring the appropriate apps and games  to carry out these activities.

These are the main categories in the guide :

summer activities

Click here to download this guide. All thanks go to Kevin from whom I learned this info.

summer activities

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