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Free Android Note Taking Apps for Teachers and Students

Note taking is not  only an academic skill but also an activity that most of us perform on a daily basis.As technology advances so do our means to take notes. It is useless now in an age of mobile learning  to keep using  your boring  portable paper notepad  . There is actually an awesome set of apps that you can install on your Android to be able to take notes on the go. These notes are completely free and  easy to use. Check out the list I have compiled below and in case you want a web version of free  note taking tools  to use on your desktop or laptop then check out this list.

Here is a list of Free Android note taking apps. Some of these apps offer password protection that you can use to safeguard your notes from intruders.

This is a free notepad app for Android that allows its users to quickly capture their ideas and write them down in notes, memos, emails,  messages, and to-do-lists.

This list without Evernote will be incomplete. This is a popular free Android app that enables users to take notes, capture photos, create to-do-lists, record reminders and many more.

This is another great note taking app for Android users. They can use it to take notes, set reminders, share notes via SMS and email, pin note to their homescreen, and organize these notes with tags.

This is an app that lets users easily create new notes with text, voice or images. They can also add multiple voice recordings and multiple images to any note.

This is a great notepad for Android users. It lets users create text, voice and even paint notes. Notes can be organized in folders.

This one here besides letting its users take notes on the go it also enables them to attach PDF, word and  Power Point. Users can also easily import notes via SD card and web URL.

This is a great notepad app that stores notes securely and provides easy access using a password or a secret question and answer.

8- Classic Notes Lite

android note taking apps

This one here resembles the Safe Note app and has some other features such as : exporting notes as text to SD, sharing notes via Twitter and Facebook, sending notes to Google docs, Dropbox, and many more.

9- Notes

android note taking apps

This is one of the easiest apps for both note taking and securing these notes with a password. It is also multi-language supported.

10- Password Notes

android note taking apps

As its name suggests, Password Notes can protect your notes using a password. You simply write all your notes in it and it will keep everything secret.

11- Crypto Notes

android note taking apps

This is another free password protected note taking app. Among its features: encrypt/decrypt notes, backup/restore to SD card, sorting notes, email note using integrated email clients.

12- Notely

android note taking apps

This is a simple and cloud-based note taking application. It offers a home screen widget for easy and quick access and alows it users to create text as well as picture and video notes.

13- Secure Notes

android note taking apps

This note taking app has a password protection option where you can set your own password to protect all the notes you take.

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