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The Best 15 Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Twitter speaks volumes of itself and does not really require any introduction. I am pretty sure everyone of you has an account there.That`s great ! but have you ever considered using Twitter for educational and professional development purposes ? Twitter has a huge potential in education and there  are many amazed at  creative ways  teachers can leverage this social media in the classroom  as you will learn in the Teacher Twitter guide I am working on and that will be published here very soon.

twitter hashtags

As was the case with the three Twitter tools every teacher should be using, I have again chopped another part from this guide and this time it is about the power of hashtags as learning mediums. According to Twitter help center, `` The symbol, called hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.`` Hashtag is a great way for users to get a tweet to  appear in search results and discussion threads. An example of a hashtag is  #edtech  that is used by thousands of educators all around the world. People following this hashtag find it easy to monitor what people are talking about in this category and can also participate in the conversation as well. Susan Orleon from The New Yorker  has provided a great example of the usage of hashtags :

`` For instance, if you wanted to make a comment about Sarah Palin, you could include her name in the tweet, or you could make the comment and follow it with her name marked by hashtag. That is, you could tweet,Or, making good use of a hashtag,
The tweet with the hashtag was more likely to come up in a search for tweets about Sarah Palin, as well as being punchier and more exclamatory. The practice is now a Twitter standard.
“I would rather have a moose for President than Sarah Palin!”
“I would rather have a moose for President! #SarahPalin”. ``

Some uses of Hashtags :

twitter hashtags

  • Categorize tweets that contain relevant keywords or phrases
  • Hashtags help tweets get popular and be displayed in search result pages
  • They can occur anywhere be it the end , middle or beginning of the Tweet
  • Hashtags make it easy to aggregate like-minded Twitter users under a certain category

Now that you have an idea about what hashtags are and what they serve. Let me provide you with a list of the top educational hashtags that you, as a teacher, can use to connect with other educators and grow professionally.

Here is the list :

twitter hashtags

1- #edchat
This is for educators from all around the glob and one of my favourites. You can use it to explore and exchange  tweets with a wide range of teachers and also get to discover some of the trending topics in education.

2- #edtech 
This is another great and popular hashtag for educators interested in discovering educational tools and tips about the integration of technology in education.

3- #mlearning
This is a hashtag dedicated to the use of mobile technologies in education

4-  #elearning
This hashtag covers all tweets that have to do with elearning.

5- #edapp
As its name suggests, this one here contains tweets about educational apps.

6- #schools
This is a hashtag widely used by people interested in the trending news about schools and education.

This is for games based learning topic.

8- #slide2learn
This one is for those interested in the use of iDevices in learning.

This is for tweets about the effective use of technology in the classroom.

This is where you can discover everything related to home schooling.

This is mainly used to share ideas and support.

Learn about everything that has to do with gifted and talented education.

Here is where you can find more resources on the topic of bullying.

14- #spedchat
This is for special education needs and has live chats every Tuesday night at 8:30 EST.

15- Subject specific hashtags

#mathchat : Mathematics
#scichat : Science
#engchat: English
#artsed : The Arts in education
#musedchat: Music
#eltchat : English Language teachers
#SSChat  : Social Studies chat
#HistoryTeacher : History
#GeographyTeacher: Geography
#PhysicsEd : Physics.

Here are some other references for you to learn more about hashtags :

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