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4 Awesome Video Bookmarking Tools for Educators

As active teachers, we are always searching for relevant video content to share with our students in the classroom. Fortunately enough , we have several  free educational video websites where we can dig in and find video materials ideal for classroom inclusion. The only problem, however, is the time constraint. Sometimes we are pressed by our plans and schedules to leave our computers without being able to finsih watching the videos we selected for review, but now thanks to  a set of smart applications, we can bookmark our videos and even resume watching them right from the exact moment we left off. Check out what I have compiled for you in this regard.

1- RadBox

video bookmarking tools

Radbox is a great web tool that allows users to easily add online videos to a queue and watch them later on a computer, smartphone, tablet or television. It requires a sign up.

2- Pinterest for Videos

video bookmarking tools

Pinterest has now a service where you can pin the videos you stumble upon online. You can organize them into visually appealing pinboards and access them whenever you want. Check out this article I wrote about this service to learn more about it.

3- Skyloog

video bookmarking tools

Skyloog is a great bookmarking service where you can visually organize your bookamrks including videos and documents.This tool is completely free and you can read this article to learn more about it.

4- Pause for Later

video bookmarking tools

This is a tool I reviewed in one of my earlier  posts here. This service lets you mark a pause on a video and save it to your Pause for Later account to watch it later on. Next time you want to watch the video you saved, the video will start playing in the same spot you left it.

These are my favourite video bookmarking websites. What are yours ? If you know of any other tools please share with us below.

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