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Learn Something New with Ask The Owl

Ask The Owl is a website I discovered this morning while I was leafing through my tweets. This is basically a platform for people who are interested in learning new things and expanding their knowledge base. Courses are listed publicly on Ask The Owl and users have the choice to choose between a variety of topics. To join a course you need to make sure that you are already signed in. Courses are limited to only ten enrollees at a time so it is probable that you might not find a room in some courses but always keep checking because people change their minds and join other courses leaving room for new enrollees.

ask the owl

Ask The Owl is not only about learning through online courses but it is also about presenting and tutoring. If you think you have some skills at online tutoring or presenting then go ahead and give it a try. You can administer your own course to your own audience. In order for you to teach a course you need to do the following :

  •  Sign up as an Owl user
  • Complete a short course description form
  • Schedule your live class meeting
  • Make sure your computer is microphone and camera enhance
  • When your class is ready just click on ' start call " and there you go

Educators and teachers can use Ask The Owl to teach  and deliver small online tutoring sessions with their students. This is also good for peer tutoring groups.

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