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How to Embed Infographics in Your Blog or Wiki is a superb web tool for teachers. I have already talked about it here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  . The reason why I am re-introducing it again is that many of you here share the inforgraphics I publish  and some still wonder how to display them in small sizes. Well if you have a blog or website and you want to publish an infogrphic without this latter taking so much space then is the answer.

zoomit is a great tool that allows users to display big images and infographics in their blogs, websites or wikis. As you embed these images on you will be able to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll around a large image. is very easy to use, just copy the URL of the image you want to embed and paste it into You will then be able to share your image by giving people the direct link to it. Check out this example of an infpgraphic I shared before.

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