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Google Drive Your Alternative to Google Docs

Google Drive is the most recent application that Google released to the public yesterday. This application allows users to store 5 GB of files online for free and also lets them collaborate and share  with each other documents and files.

Google Drive

What is really important to know about Google Drive is that it has engulfed  Google Docs . This latter is fully integrated with its interface. Just like all the other cloud back-up services we have covered here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, Google Drive has a syncing feature that lets you sync all your docs and files in real time and from different gadgets : desktop, laptop, mobile, and or  tablets.

Collaboration is another great feature of Google Drive. Like Google Docs, users in this new application can collaborate with each other in real time.

Here are some features of Google Drive

  • It allows for 5GB of free storage
  • It is accessible on different gadgets
  • You can pay to buy more storage capacity
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It lets you work on documents and files with your friends in real time
  • You can directly share photos from Google Drive to Google+
  • It has a powerful file viewer that supports almost all the popular file formats
  • You can  upload files to Google Drive and email them to your Gmail and they no longer need to conform to that 25 MB file size.
  • Google Drive is not instantly available to everyone at the moment. Use the " notify me" button to let Google email you when your Google Drive is ready.

Watch this video to learn more

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