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The Gaming Revolution in Education

Gaming  is one of the favourite things kids and even some adults love to do on their mobile devices. Some spend hours with eyes glued to their screens Playing Nintindo or Angry Birds, others create groups and teams and play until early hours of morning. I do not blame parents when they would come complaining about their kids spenidng more times in front of their computers playing games then they would do on homework assignments.


Gaming can be a real obstacle to learning if used with no moderation. But you can turn gaming into a positive element in your kids learning process if correctly controlled. Below is an infographic that features some amazing facts about how video games  has revolutionized education. Check it out and share it with others.

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  1. I didn't read everything, but on the negative things about games: "some teachers worry that games motivate students to achieve win .... rather than to seek knowledge".
    Honestly I find it so biased. Why must "seeking knowledge" be a goal? I'd say a much more reasonable goal is to obtain certain pieces of knowledge to immediately apply them to real problems. To look for knowledge to apply it and WIN is GREAT!
    Instead, getting knowledge simply for the sake of knowledge, without any goal to apply it, seems uneffective and somehow pointless to me. Buy again, this is how schooling works: Get this knowledge, do these exams, spend your childhood and younghood studying a big bunch of stuff that probably you will never ever use and that anyway if you ever need it, you could always JUST LEARN IT WHEN YOU NEED IT!
    And when you think, "well, at least they'll teach you something useful". No! Never learnt time management, never learnt how to study, never learnt how to organize complex projects, never learnt how to present my skills to others, never learnt how to speak in public and communicate in a comprehensive way, never learnt how to read faster, never learnt even a single skill to memorize more effectively, never learnt anything about creating a business, etc.

    I'm sorry for ranting, but probably teachers shouldn't worry about videogames, but about teaching more useful stuff because the educational system as I know it is a shameful joke! I know that teachers usually do not decide themselves what to teach in their classrooms though...

    I'd start by cutting school hours in half and giving kids a lot of free time. And instead of keeping them sitting somewhere listening to an endless stream of information without any apparent goal except "that's what you have to do, because yes!", motivate them to learn, do and try many different things by themselves. And overall, to have fun. And if school and teachers can't do that, again, reduce school days to like 2 max 3 times a week.

    Did videogames teach me something useful? Yes, actually. I improved my english skills like hell (from almost 0 to something kind of good) thanks to videogames not being translated in Spain when I was a kid.

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