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The Full History of Copyright from Origins to Its Current Meaning

Just a couple of days ago I posted here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a post under the title "  Teach your Students How Wikipedia Works " I was so glad to see your positive reaction to it which proves to me that you liked the content and most important of all and since most of my readers are educators and teachers that you will also pass some of the article juice to your students.

I know how important it  is to teach this generation of students about the copyrights and plagiarism. These are the 21st century students who are digitally focused and who have a free unlimited access to all kinds of inforamtion online. If we do not teach them how to better use this resource of knowledge then we would be responsible for upbringing a generation of plagiarizes and content scrapers, a culture which will definitely kill any sense of creativity, innovation and imagination.

Given the importance of copyright and plagiarism in today's education, I always make sure to share with you resources to help you learn more about these two topics and the following are some of the free resources I have shared with you before:

1- Teach your Students Copyrights Issues
2- Six  Free Tools to Easily Cite Resources for Teachers and Researchers
3- Free Plagiarism Detector Tools for Educators and Teachers

Below is a great video about the history of copyright from its origins to what it is now. I higly recommend this video to teachers and there is even a page for the transcript of this video here.

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