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Five Great Free Screen Capture Tools for Teachers and Students

I have recently received some emails from teachers asking me about some  free screen capturing and annotating tools. In fact there are  several such tools online but only few work effectively for us in education. There are also various extensions and add-ons for both Chrome and Firefox users that let them exactly do  the same thing these tools do. Anyway the following is a meticulously prepared list of tools teachers and even studnets will find useful particularly when preparing annotated pictures for tutorials and other lesson related activities.

1- Bounce

screen capture tools

Bounce is a great screen capturing tool. It lets  users not only  capture a screenshot of anywebsite they want but can also add annotations and comments and share the finalized work with others using a specific URL.

2- Awesome Screenshot

screen capture tools

This is my favourite and I have it installed on my Chrome browser. This extension allows users to :

  • Easily take screenshots of web pages
  • You can select whether you want a screenshot of the whole page or just a selected part
  • You can add annotations and draw boxes
  • You can also blur out information and add text to any screenshot you make

3- Aviary

screen capture tools

Aviary is a great photo editing software that I have already covered in a seperate post a year ago. Aviary offers a very handy extension called Talon that works both for Chrome and Firefox and that does the same work as the previous tools above.

4- Jing

screen capture tools

Jing is a cool that allows users to :

  • Share their screen captures with others
  • Easily capture a screenshot
  • It provides  awesome  annotation tools
  • It is free but it also offers a pro version for $15

5- Skitch

screen capture tools

This is a great screen capture tool for Mac users. Skitch allows its users to :

  • Capture their screens
  • Easily annotate their pictures
  • Draw on them with  swanky graphics
  • Share them online or save them to their desktops

I have also prepared another list of the best free screen casting tools to easily record your screen and make awesome video tutorials for free. Check it out.

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