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8 Free Calendar Tools for Educators for Better Time Management

Most of you use online calendars both for personal and professional uses. The reasons you would opt for an online calendar are multifarious such as scheduling important dates, meetings, to do lists and many more. However, not all of you use simple ones. The thing with some popular online calendars is that they are too complicated to work with and have many features that we do not even use.

Below is an aggregation of some of handy and practically simple calendars available for free and that teachers can use to organize their tasks and better manage their time. It is taken for granted that you are already using Google Calendar or you know about so I am not including it here.

Here is the list :

1- Short Calendar

calendar tools

This  is basically a web tool that allows users to create calendars for a set number of days and email them to their inbox. It is combines the services of a to-do-list with cladlendar generating thus a simple use-case. It might not be the ideal tool for organizing a month worth of tasks but it is absolutely perfect for a short term planning.

2-  Calendrica

calendar tools

Calendrica is web tool that lets users create personal calendars online and for free. It offers various ready made templates to which you can add images, text and customize month and year. The images can be uploaded from both your computer and the web.

3-  Compact Calendar Creator

calendar tools

This utility allows users to instantly create compact calendars online and save them in PDF format. You can specify the start and end dates and mark the holiday dates for any country based on your Google Calendar account.

4- Jotlet

calendar tools

Jotlet is another great calendar creation tool. It allows users to create their own online calendars to mark tasks, events, and notes. These calendars ce be printed out, imported, exported, and you can also obtain a URL for your calendar to share it with other.

5- DayViewer

calendar tools

This is a free web service that lets you manage your events in auser friendly interface. You can add events, tasks, notes, payments and organize them in the whatever way you want.

6- iDoneThis

calendar tools

This a smart mini-assistant tool that reminds its users to log what they did each day. It is email based and keeps asking you what you did every day. It then records your answer in a month-view calendar so you can easily check your progress.

7- Weekis
calendar tools

This is a free online weekly planner that allows users to : drag events from one day to another and organize them in an easy to use intuitive interface. It also automatically puts events in the right place based on day/dates.

8- Coolendar

calendar tools

This is a free and simple online calendar that lets its users manage an online calendar. You can add lists of events and tag and filter them  them too.

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