6 Great Tools to Help Teachers Easily Plan and Schedule Meetings

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In today's post, I am sharing with you a collection of some useful tools to use to schedule meetings with multiple people. You no longer need to send mass emails to everyone inquiring about their time availability, using these tools renders meeting planning a simple and easy task that can help you plan meetings and enable you take control of your time scheduling the way you want. 

These tools will save you so much time, energy, and hassle and will definitely improve your overall productivity. There are also practical to use to plan your video conferencing and webinar sessions. Whether you are hosting an online event, a webinar, a virtual conference, or an online class, use the tools below to plan and schedule meetings without the hassle of back and forth emails.

  6 Great Tools to Help Teachers Easily Plan and Schedule Meetings

Tools to plan and schedule meetings

1- Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a great  time management and event scheduling application. Calendar lets you easily schedule a meeting with numerous people. You can create an event in Google Calendar, add a date and time, add guests, add event details and attachments, select 'Find a time' to view times that are free for your participants then send out  your invitations. Check out this step by step tutorial to learn more about how to schedule an event with multiple people on Google Calendar.

2- Doodle

Doodle is another great scheduling tool which is especially helpful with meetings that involve different time zones. The way it works is simple: you create a meeting poll in which you choose a set of dates and times for your meeting, send the poll to your participants and they vote for the time that works best for them. Doodle works across different platforms such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

3-  Calendly

Calendly allows you to schedule meetings with others by simply sharing a generated link. You create a meeting request and let your participants choose from your available time slots. Calendly is integrated with different calendar tools so that when your participants choose a time slot it automatically shows up in their designated calendars. 

4- Pick

Pick is another meeting scheduler tool that is integrated with multiple calendars. Like Calendly, it works by sharing meeting links. First, you set up your availability and preferences, share your meeting link with your participants and let them choose the best times that work for all of you. Once booked 'both parties receive a calendar invite with details about the meeting'.

5- Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

 Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is integrated with Google Calendar allowing you to easily schedule meetings from within Gmail. Here is how it works: first install the Chrome extension. Next, when you compose an email click on the 'Calendar icon' at the bottom of your email and insert a link to your calendar availability and click send. When your participants open your email they will be able to choose the available time slots then "your meeting event will be added to both of your calendars".