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Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1

Infographics are  great learning materials. The colourful graphics, clear text and their size make them ideal for classroom integration. I have been posting some of the ones I deem educationl to help teachers leverage this resource to create engaging, relevant and personalized learning experiences in their classes. In this regard, I am introducing you today to a series made up of four parts all containing the best infograpgics  about English language teaching and learning.

Due to their size we could not  embed all the infographics in one post instead we distributed them on four posts with each one of them containing links to other posts to make it easy for you to navigate the four posts without having to move away.

Teachers can print them out and pin them on the class wall for students to access throughout the whole year. If it happens that you have a classroom blog ,which I hope you do,  then you can embed these infographics and share them with your students using the awesome tool Zoomit to avoid being overrun by their size.

Part One  ( scroll down to read the content of this part)

  •  Definite and indefinite articles
  • All about Adjectives
  • Punctuation
  •  Passive Voice
  • When to use e.g and i.e

Part 2 :  ( Click Here to access this part )

  •  How to Use Quotation Marks and Punctuation
  •  Subjective I wish I were
  •  Modal Verbs
  •  Ten Tips to Improve your Grammar
  •  Parallel Structure

Part 3 : ( Click Here to access this part )

  •  Apostrophes The Importance of Good Grammar
  •  Adjectives Degree of Comparison
  •  Most Misspelled Words
  •  Ten Hyphenation Tips
  •  Fifteen Most Useful Phrasal Verbs

Part 4 : ( Click Here to access this part )

  •  Fourteen Typical Mistakes with Prepositions
  • New Words of 2010
  • The Most Annoying Writing Mistakes
  • Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage
  • The Story of Modifiers

Please make sure you click on any image to enlarge it.

                                                                    Part One

1- Definite and indefinte article

Browse more infographics.

2- All about Adjectives

Browse more Education infographics.

3- Punctuation

Browse more data visualizations.

4- Passive Voice

Browse more infographics.

5-When to use e.g and i.e

Browse more Education infographics.

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