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A List of Great Educational Infographics

Below is a list I compiled containing the most popular infographics I shared here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning over the last couple of months. In case missed any of my previous posts, please make sure to check it out below.

First here is a short video featuring the importance of Infographics in education.

Infographics as a Creative Assessment from Kathy Schrock on Vimeo.

Popular Infographics in EdTech and Mlearning :

1- What Freshmen Need to Know about Colleges

2- The Internet League You Need to Know

3- Affordable Education for Everyone

4- How to Choose The Right College

5- Five Funny Infographics for Teachers and Students

6- Left Vs Right Brain Learn Where you Belong to

7- The Digital Promise for Education

8- Do We Teach to The Test

9- The Downfall of American Public Education

10- Google Search Tips

11- Google Vs Facebook Privacy Settings and Security Issues

12- What are The Easiest Languages to Learn

13- Language and The Brain Intricate Relationship

14- Mobile Learning The Next Trend in Education

15- YouTube Killed Tv

16- Tips on how to Use Google To Improve your Search Skills

17- The Effect of Social Media

18- Understand how our Mind and Memory Work

19- How Educators Use Social Media

20- Amazing Facts about Students Learning Via Smartphones

21- Google and your Memory The Obscurerelationship

22-  SDTs in Campuses Alarming Stats and Facts

23- SOPA and PIPA for Educators

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