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A List of The Best Free File Sharing Tools in 2011

Today we are sharing with you a bunch of awesome file sharing tools. These tools will allow you to easily share files and documents with a simple click. Have a look and share with us what you think of them.

1- Just BeamIt
JustBeamIt is a great HTML5-based web service that allows users to exchange files in a fast way. Here are some of the features that Just BeamIt offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It does not require any sign up or software installation
  • Friends can download files while you are still uploading them
  • It is very easy to use just drag and drop
2- Minus
Minus is a simple file sharing web service with 10 GB free online storage. It lets its users upload  as many files as possible for it offers up to 2GB for each upload which is too much generous. The service is completely free  but requires a registration.

3- Sendspace
Sendspace is another file sharing tool that allows users to do several tasks such as :
  • Monitor and edit files 
  • Recover downloaded links 
  • Delete files 
  • Use the wizard tool 
  • Create email groups to send links to 
  • Automatic receipt of upload confirmation
4-  Dushare

Dushare is is “ a simple direct file transfer service .It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as clicking on a link”. Dushare is really an outstanding web2.0 application, files have never been this easier. .......

It is a free document viewing and sharing tool that allows its users to embed any document or any webpage in their blog, profile, or website. It works with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more ...

Sendoid is a great file sharing web2.0 application. It is completely different from other file sharing services in that it is based on peer to peer transfer system . This means that files are never stored into servers and that they are only accessible in a direct way through a generated link ......

Let's Crate is another free file sharing application .It is very simple and easy to use . It allows you to share files that amount to 20MB with whomever you want . You can either start using this free service without signing up , a thing which will allow you to save your crate just for 30 minutes , or you can sign up and save your crates forever .....

Dropbox is one of my best applications that i use on a daily basis . Dropbox offers a very handy and most of all intelligent way to store and share files online . It is very simple and has no complicated set up .You just need to install a folder in your computer which takes about 5 minutes and then fill in your information ...

Bee PDF is a free hosting and sharing website . It allows its users to upload their PDFs and share them with others ....

Jetbytes is “an experimental file transfer service which works without storing files during the transfer and allows to download it immediately”.....

Files over Miles is a browser to browser file sharing tool which allows its users to send files directly to other users using just a browse.....

YourFileLink is a great web2.0 tool . It allows you to host large files , videos and images for free . After you upload your items you can then share them with whomever you want using a generated URL....

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