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Nine Free Video Editing Tools You Need to Know

I have been receiving several emails from teachers and educators who are faithful readers of my articles in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.They all ask me to provide them with video tools that would enable them to edit and customize video clips to be included in their lessons. There are many out there but it would take some time to go around looking especially with the growing spam content  many websites offer to its surfers.

List updated on October 25, 2013 and therefore we removed some tools that are no longer working.

1- Magisto

Magisto is a cloud based video editing tool that allows its users to :

  • Edit videos without the need for any advanced editing skills
  • Tag people in videos
  • Share videos in different social networking websites
  • It is free and easy to use

2- WeVideo

WeVideo is another video editing tool that enables its users to :

  • Edit videos online
  • Share edited videos with friends in social networks
  • It offers 1 GB storage space

3- Stroome

Stroome is an online  collaborative video editing tool. It offers several features :

  • It lets you connect to a community of online video editors
  • You can search and find clips created by the community members and use it in your own projects.
  • Real time video editing either alone or with friends
  • You can tag clips for archiving

4-  Kaltura

Kaltura is a " Wikipedia of video, audio and animation". It offers its users :

  • The ability to create easy to use platforms for video projects
  • Users can create their own personalized video pages and invite others to add or edit it
  • Users can embed their collaborative projects anywhere online.

5- PhotoBucket

PhotoBucket is a very famous video platform. It allows its users to :

  • Upload videos from the web or from their computers
  • It offers several editing options such as adding text, titles, music to the background
  • It also lets you cut and crop videos and add transitions effects
  • It allows you to embed and share videos on video sharing sites and social networks
6- Overstream

Overstream is a great video editing tool. It allows users to :

  • Add subtitles and comments in any language  to videos
  • Easily create and synchronize subtitles to any video
  • Store the edited videos on Overstream server and send the link to your friends to see it
  • It supports most of the video providers

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