Online Solitaire - Free Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp

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Besides being one of the most popular games in the world, solitaire is also a great way to keep your mind sharp. Today we'll be having a look at Online Solitaire, a website where you can play Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell online for free.

The website is one of the more popular solitaire websites, with more than one million people playing more than four million games of solitaire each month.

Solitaire gameplay hero

The site itself is simple. Once the site loads, a new game of solitaire is started, and when you move the first card, that's when the timer starts. You can hide the timer, score, and moves under settings if you feel that having that is too competitive.

The gameplay itself works flawlessly. The animations are smooth, and there are even small celebratory animations when a card gets moved up unto the foundation.

The design of the game feels crisp and modern, while it manages to retain the feel of the classic solitaire games, known from the Microsoft Soltiaire Collection. The game itself works the same way as most classic Patience games you've tried before.

There are several options to choose from when starting a new game. If you want to give yourself the hardest challenge, then you should start a random shuffle, which will start a truly random game for you. These games can be very hard though, so we usually recommend starting a winning deal. 

When you do, you'll get dealt a game that someone else has already won before, so you're sure that the game is winnable. You also have the option to start the daily challenge, which will give you a new solitaire challenge each day. We feel that this type of game is a great way to start off the day.

No matter which type of game you choose, all games contain unlimited hints and undo's, so you'll have all the help you could possibly want. If you want to change the design of the cards, toggle the sound, change the autoplay feature, you can do all that and much more under settings.

FreeCell - An easier alternative to Klondike Solitaire

Everyone knows solitaire, but not everyone knows FreeCell, which is a more lighthearted Patience game. The game is played with open cards, which means that all the cards are displayed face-up from the very beginning. Just that fact makes the game much easier to play.

Solitaire Freecell game

The objective of the game is basically the same as Klondike Solitaire, which is to get all the cards stacked on the foundation in ascending order, starting from ace and ending with the king.

Besides the foundations, you also have four free cells, hence the name, where you can move individual cards temporarily. This is a great help since you can move cards there if you don't know what to do with them and then move them back again when you find a use for them.

We really recommend this type of solitaire game if you're looking for an easier-going game. The win rate is higher and you don't have to think as much as you have to do in a game of Klondike. With only a few exceptions, all FreeCell games are winnable.

Spider Solitaire - One of the toughest Patience games

Spider solitaire is one of the toughest types of solitaire games out there. It comes in three variations, where you play with either one suit, two suits, or four suits. Playing with one suit is the easiest to do but is still harder than Klondike.

The win rate on these types of games is a good deal lower than your average Patience game, so be ready for a challenge when starting one of these games. There is a lot of cards involved, a lot of tableaus to keep track of, and it can easily become overwhelming for a beginner.

Spider Solitaire

In spite of that, these games are some of the most popular Patience games out there. They give players one of the greatest solitaire challenges they can experience.


All the games are free to play, and with all the great features the site offers, it's hard not to play a game of solitaire.

With their daily challenges, you can start your day off training your brain. There's no way you won't be able to win each daily challenge, so there's no excuse to not win that day! You can use the daily challenge calendar to keep track of your progress.

If you're not sure what to do next, you may always ask for a clue using the hints button, which will help you come closer to winning the game.

You might be playing a winnable deal, but still find yourself stuck, which probably means you've made a mistake. Don't worry. You can undo as many moves as you want..

In conclusion, Online Solitaire is a great site to play solitaire. The only thing you'll have to worry about is whether you'll end up spending too many hours behind the screen playing solitaire. We recommend playing a few games a day to keep your mind sharp.

Have fun!

Guest post by Holger Sindbaek from the Solitaire team