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Updated January 2022

Prodigy Math Game is an online game-based learning website that helps students practice and learn math through fun and engaging games. As students play, Prodigy's adaptive algorithm delivers curriculum-aligned math questions and in-game rewards to get them engaged and keep them focused on the learning process. 

Using Prodigy's analytic reports, teachers  can access detailed insights about kids performance, track their progress and see which math areas students are struggling with. Teachers can provide differentiated instruction and individualized remedial intervention to help students improve their math skills.

Prodigy Math Game review

Prodigy Math Game features over 50.000 math questions covering grades 1-8.  Questions are automatically adapted to kids individual progress. Teachers can use Prodigy's Planner to align these questions with their class curriculum. They can also design custom assignments and in-game content for their students to work on as they play the game

How does Prodigy Math Game work?

The way Prodigy works is simple: kids play interactive games, answer math questions, win points and rewards and progress to higher levels. To start playing the games, students first log in using their email and password and the class code shared with them by their teachers. Next, they select one of the Worlds or Lands displayed on the screen (e.g., Cloudpuff, Grumpus, Flamekeep, Icefields,Animalia, Champion, Dragonfire, Ghosttown, etc). 

For instance, they can choose the same World as their classmates so they can play against each other. Prodigy games are math battles students fight individually or with their peers from the same classroom or with their friends online. To succeed in these battles, students need to answer math questions correctly. Each battle has about 3 math questions. As students answer questions, they get to increase their game power, collect more pets, and level up . Students can use Prodigy's scratchpad and virtual manipulatives to answer the questions without leaving the game.

Prodigy login

As a teacher, you can create a teacher account and log in to Prodigy. Here is how to do it:
  • Head over to Prodigy Math Game 
  • Click on 'Create your free account today' button
  • Select 'Teacher'
  • You can use Google Classroom, Clever, or sign up with your email
  • Follow the instructions to complete the sign-up

Students can log in to Prodigy using one of the following options:
  • 1- They can head over to Prodigy Math Game homepage and click on Play the Game button  in the upper right-hand corner, sign in and input the class code
  • 2- Or, they can visit and follow the same instructions.

How to create a new classroom on Prodigy Math Game?

Teachers can easily create classes in Prodigy and invite students to join. The process is simple and easy. First log in to your teacher account and click on Create new class from the left hand side bar. Type in a name for your class and select a grade then click on Create classroom. Alternatively, you can import your class from Google Classroom or sync with Clever. A code is generated automatically for your class and is located under the class name. You can use this code to get students registered . 

Creating a class in Prodigy will enable you to easily create and share assignments with your students,  access detailed reports about your students performance, align Prodigy to your classroom, and many more. 

Parents accounts in Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game enables parents to open free accounts and connect them to the ones of their kids. Connecting parent's account to students accounts enable parents to 'get access to a monthly report card of their child’s progress, plus at-a-glance views of their child’s math achievement on Prodigy. They’ll also be able to set Goals and send their child in-game Rewards, which motivate them to answer more curriculum-aligned questions!'.

As a teacher, you can easily view which student's account is not connected to their parents. You can also invite parents to join Prodigy and connect their accounts to students. Here is how to do it, click on a class, then  open Students tab, click on a student without a parent, and enter their parent's email address and click on Send invites. There is also the option to generate a physical letter containing students username and password to mail to parents.

Prodigy reporting tools

Prodigy provides you with the tools to keep track of students progress and check their performance. As students play Prodigy Math Game, stats about their performance are collected and arranged into various reports. More specifically, Prodigy provides you access to the following types of reports:
  • Progress report
  • Placement test report
  • Topic coverage report
  • Curriculum coverage report
  • Student comprehension report
  • Weekly activity report
  • Students usage report

Prodigy Math tutoring

Prodigy offers a premium 1-on-1 math tutoring service for students. The tutor works with students using an interactive whiteboard. Students can type, draw, and manipulate shapes. The way Prodigy tutoring service works is simple: First book a free session (30 minutes) with a classroom teacher, meet the tutor and get to know them as they explain the requirements and engage with your kid in a fun learning lesson, and finally access a debrief email at the end of the session to see your kid's progress and options to choose a tutoring plan that works for you.

How much does Prodigy Math Game cost?

Teachers and students enjoy free access to Prodigy's in-game educational content and teachers tools. Prodigy Math Game offers premium membership for parents who want to unlock premium tools and features and access in-game extras for their kids.

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