Mybib- Free APA, MLA, Harvard Citation Generator

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Mybib is a free bibliography and citation generator. It allows you to generate formatted bibliographies, citations, and works cited from various sources including websites, books, journals,  videos, blog posts, book chapters, conference papers, reports, journal articles, images, theses, ebooks, encyclopedia entries, movies, personal communications, maps, dictionary entries, and many more. Mybib supports hundreds of citation styles including APA 6 and 7, Chicago, Harvard and Harvard (Australia), MLA 8, MLA 9., among others.

Using Mybib will enable you to easily build your bibliography and add it to your academic papers and assignments. Mybib also allows you to export your citations to other citation managers such as Mendeley and Zotero. 

Mybib a free citation generator

How does Mybib work?

The way Mybib works is simple and easy: First, select which source you want to cite then choose among these three options: automatic which allows you to type in or paste the title or identifier of your source in the search bar and let Mybib does the rest for you.

For accurate results, it is preferable that you use ISBN, ISSN, DOI, or URLs. Alternatively, you can generate citations manually in which case you need to enter as many details of your source as possible. When generation citations for  web sources make sure you provide accurate URL of the page your are citing. Once you enter the requested data click on Save.

Mybib also provides you with a third option for generating formatted citations which is  by dragging and dropping  scholarly PDFs right into the tool's editor.  

How to cite a website in APA, MLA, or Harvard style?

To cite a website in APA, MLA or Harvard style, open Mybib citation generator and select your style. Mybib now supports APA 6 and 7, MLA 8 and 9, and Harvard. Next paste the web address or URL and hit Search. 

For accuracy purposes, I would recommend that you use the manual version of the citation generator. Manuation citation requires you to provide as much information about the website you want to cite as possible. For instance, you need to enter data related to web page author, editor, date published, title of article or page, website name, publisher, URL, date accessed/viewed, annotation, and more. When you are done click on Generate.

For specific details on how to manually cite a website in APA, MLA, or Harvard style check out this guide.


How to create projects in Mybib?

Projects is a great feature in Mybib. It is accessible for registered users. Registration is free. You can create as many projects as you want. For instance, if you are a graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation create a project exclusively for your thesis. 

Use that project to build your thesis bibliography from scratch. You can generate citations using various styles and with one click you can toggle among these styles. You can also import your citations right into your project and most importantly you can invite others to work with you on your bibliography. Simply click on Share button from within your Mybib account, turn on sharing, and copy the link to send to others or you can share it via email. 

And, the feature I like the most, when your bibliography is complete you can download and add it to your paper. No worries, formatting, indentation, capitalizations are all kept intact. In fact, you have various download options including  copy and paste, Word document, Google Drive, Email, Print, BibTeX, Mendeley, Zotero, or Save backup. 

To start using Project, log in to your Mybib account, and select the citation style of your preference. If you don't find your citation style use the search functionality to search for it. Now you can start adding citations to your project. To do so, click on Create a citation button and follow the instructions. 

Mybib Chrome extension

For those of you using Chrome, Mybib has a handy extension to use on your browser. Once installed, you will be able to easily generate formatted citations from any page. The way it works is simple: browse the web, when you find the page or PDF you want to generate a citation for, click on Mybib button, choose a citation style, edit the data as you like and click to generate the citation.

How much does Mybib cost?

As of writing these lines, Mybib is totally free of charge and is also ad-free.

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