A Handy Visual on How to Cite Online Sources in MLA Style

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February 5, 2017
We are revisiting this visual we shared a couple of years ago on how to cite online sources in MLA style. As is indicated in the poster, the guidelines provided are based on Marilyn Heath's book " MLA Made Easy: Citation Basics for Beginners" ( Chapter five: Citing Information from Online Sources, pp: 29-32) which is definitely an excellent read for those of you interested in learning more about MLA citations. Feel free to download, print or share the visual the way you want provided you keep it free of charge and include a link back to our blog.

Please note here that we received a couple of emails as well as Facebook comments notifying us to the new MLA edition that was released April 2016. Upon checking out this edition it appears that some of the citation guidelines have changed. Please check out this page to learn more about what has changed in this new edition.
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