XtraMath Full Teacher Review

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XtraMath is an online program that helps students improve their math fact fluency. The program targets key math concepts such as fractions and decimals.  The purpose of XtraMath program is to provide kids with a solid math foundation to help them tackle complex math concepts such as fractions and algebra. 

Xtramath offers various printable materials and math activities which are short and take about 10 minutes to complete.  Teachers can create a class on XtraMath and invite student to join. Students will be able to work on various math activities and earn trophies and certificates for their achievements. Teachers will have access to detailed reports on students progress and keep track of their learning. 

XtraMath review for teachers

Who can use XtraMath content?

XtraMath materials are standards-aligned and are especially useful for K-6 elementary students "but can also be used by older students for review or intervention. Students of all ages can benefit from XtraMath!' (Symbolab is another great website that offers math resources for kids).

How to set set up a class on XtraMath and add students?

To set up a class on XtraMath, log in to your teacher account and click on Add class. Type in a name for your class and choose an end date then click on Add.

From the Class checklist, click on Add students. You can add students manually (or using a roster)  by writing their first names only. When two students have the same first names, add the initials of their last name. Each time you type a student name, click on Enter on your keyboard.

For every student you enter, you need to specify their grade. XtraMath assigns default programs based on student grades. Also, a random numeric PIN is generated for each student. They need to use these pins to sign in to XtraMath. Students can sign in using your (the teacher) email address (that is the one you used to log in), their first names,  and the 4-digit PIN. 

Student programs on XtraMath

XtraMath offers various student programs. These default programs are assigned to students based on their grade level. For instance, Grade K are assigned Beginning Addition; Grade 1 are assigned Beginning Addition and Subtraction; Grade 2 are assigned Addition and Subtraction; Grade 3 are assigned Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication; and Grade 4+ are assigned Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Only premium users  can customize student programs.

XtraMath Progress reports

XtraMath offers various types of progress reports. Parents and teachers are emailed progress reports that allow them to keep track of their kids performance. "You can choose to receive a weekly report email, which has a PDF version of the class report (for teachers) or student report (for parents)." 

There are three types of progress reports: Student report, Class report, and Date report.

A- Student report:

Student report contains data about student progress in each operation, a calendar showing days of activity, and the certificates students receive.

B- Class report

Class report contains a summary of the progress of the whole class. When you click on the name of a student you will be directed to their individual reports. 

"To the left of each name is their status for today. There are icons for incomplete or in-progress sessions, completed sessions, and students who are done with their assigned program entirely. The column to the right of the names shows the operation each student is working on, as well as their current fluency score in that operation. Next to it is a “sparkline”, or mini progress graph, showing how their score has changed over time."

C- Date report

Date report includes data on how students performed on each operation and what students did on a specific day. "You can get to it from the student report’s calendar — just click a date that has a colored shape indicating activity. Teachers can also get to a date report by clicking a usage icon on the right side of a class report."

Does XtraMath have a mobile app?

XtraMath is available as iOS (e.g., iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4S and later), Android (4.4 or later), and Amazon app (Fire OS 4 or later) . XtraMath can also work on Chromebooks that use Android apps. 

How much does  XtraMath cost?

XtraMath offers four subscription plans: a free Basic plan with limited features and three Premium plans which are Classroom, School, and District. All of the premium plans offer offline materials, STEM activities, and professional development.

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