Here Is An Excellent Screen Recording Tool for Teachers

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There are numerous web tools that you can use to record your screen and create a wide variety of educational video content. In today's post I am sharing with you this awesome screencasting tool  called Recordcast. I have already reviewed it in the past  and it came under my radar again through a tweet from Jake Miller


Recordcast combines two main functionalities: screen recording and video editing. Recordcast allows you  to record your screen in three different modes: you can record your webcam only, your screen only, or both screen and webcam. Once your recording is ready you can then use the integrated video editor to edit your recording the way you want. For instance, you can crop your recordings, add text effects, overlays, dynamic elements, music, change background colours and more.

You can use Recordcast to record online meetings, create video tutorials, explainers, demos, and many more. The way Recordcast works is simple. First set up video and audio recording mode. Next select recording area and start recording your screen.When you are done download your recording in MP4 and share it with others. Keep in mind that Recordcast's recordings are limited to 30 minutes only.