An Excellent Formative Assessment Tool for Teachers

Share this post: is a relatively new formative assessment tool from Kahoot I discovered through a tweet from Lisa Lewis. The platform allows you to set up a virtual space for your class where everybody has their own digital whiteboard. Students can only view and access their individual whiteboards. As a teacher, you can view the whiteboards of all your students and interact with them in real-time. You can send comments, share thumbs up/down and provide instant feedback to them.

You can also share your whiteboard with your students and let them work with you on the same whiteboard. Alternatively, you can share assignments with your students and let them work on them in their own pace as you monitor their progress. Additionally, allows you to insert a wide variety of multimedia materials including PDFs, images, shapes, texts, graphs, angles, pie charts,  emojis, and many more. It's math editor enables you to 'insert math symbols, expressions and equations using a visual interface and mathematical keyboard.'

As a teacher, you have the option to save your students whiteboards as a PDF. You can also save your whiteboards to your personal library if you want to re-use them in the future. 'You have full control of who enters your room by using the waiting lobby. There is also an option to lock your room after your class has started, preventing new users from joining.' The ability to invite a co-teacher to view and collaborate on students whiteboards is another excellent feature.

Watch the video below to learn more about