The Nostalgia Machine-Discover the Music of Your Childhood

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A few days ago I shared with you Radiooo which is a tool that enables you to travel through time and discover popular hits during various temporal eras. In today's post I am sharing with you a similar web tool called the Nostalgia Machine I discovered through Music for Makers page on Wakelet. As its name indicates, The Nostalgia Machine lets you listen to the songs that were popular during your childhood. 

The Nostalgia Machine is web based and does not require any software download. It also does not require any registration. To start using it, you simply pick a year (between 2015 and 1951) and click on Hit me.  The Nostalgia Machine  fetches all the songs relevant to the selected period of time. Apparently, the tool draws exclusively on YouTube to provide users with musical content searched for. I have been tinkering with the Nostalgia Machine for some time now and found it really interesting.

Like Radiooo, the Nostalgia Machine can be used with students to engage them in learning experiences focused on musical content. They can also use it to compare hits produced in different periods and explore popular songs in specific periods of time. You may want to try it out and see how to use it in your own instruction.