Smart Chips in Google Docs- A New Way to Hyperlink Documents

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Smart chips is one of the latest updates in Google Workspace and is meant to boost workflow and enhance users productivity by interconnecting various Google services. In Google Docs users are now able to easily add smart chips to their documents in order to communicate information about, for instance, other users, files, events, and dates. 

To use the smart chip service you simple enter the symbol @ and select from the list of suggestions (e.g., people, files, or dates). To mention an individual add his/her name after the symbol @, the same with events and dates (e.g., @today, @tomorrow, @yesterday). 

When date chips are added in a document, as Google announced,  they show "on the doc for all collaborators in the language of the person who added it. Date chips will appear the same to collaborators in all time zones. To see how far away the date is relative to your time zone, hover over the date chip."

Another cool feature from smart chips is about hyperlinks. Now, when you add a link to a Google document , for instance a link of a web page, you simply click on it and choose whether you want to replace that link with the title of that web page. The same with links to YouTube videos. Click on the link then select chip from the bottom to have the link replaced with a hyperlinked title of the video. You can also click to preview the video without leaving Google document.