Here is A Chrome Extension That Lets You Present Your Slides Full Screen and Edit Them at The Same Time

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Fullscreen Interactive Google Slides is a handy Chrome extension that lets you view your Slides in fullscreen while still in editor mode. This is definitely a helpful feature to your Google Slides. For us in education, we can use Fullscreen Interactive Google Slides to help us present tutorials and instructional guides with students or with colleagues in a Google Meet. 

When Fullscreen Interactive Google Slides is activated, your audience will be able to see your Slides fullscreen while you the presenter still in the editor mode thus giving you access to the editing tools to customize your Slides content and edit your presentation the way you want. To navigate your Slides. click on the arrow keys or the scroll wheel on your mouse. I have been experimenting with this extension for awhile now and found it really interesting. Try it out and share with us your feedback.