A Simple Tool to Help Teachers Create Their Own Arcade Games

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Games are important learning tools. Besides boosting motivation and increasing engagement they also develop a number of key strategic and cognitive skills. With the ubiquity of digital tools and Internet access, games acquired an omnipresence across different devices and platforms. There are tons of gaming resources out there where you can access pre-made games to use with students in class. There are also tools to help you create your own games. In today's post I want to bring your attention to this interesting tool from Classtools.net called Arcade Game Maker.

As its name indicates, Arcade Game Maker enables you to create your own set of Arcade games. The process is simple and easy and does not require any coding or technical know-how. Arcade Game Maker allows you to create up to 8 interactive games with a single set of quiz questions. You simply input your questions into the provided box- a minimum of 10 questions- and type in your answers. Alternatively, if you have questions and answers saved in a spreadsheet you can import it into Arcade Game Maker in csv format. Once your questions and answers are provided click on Submit. Each Arcade game you create can be embedded on your class blog or website for students to access and interact with.