4 Tools to Help Teachers Remove Backgrounds from Images

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Images speak louder than words. The communicative power of the visual is well documented in the communication literature. Our daily experience also attests to this fact. Visual cues draw our attention much more than the textual component. For us in education, images are an important part of our teaching toolkit. We use them for a wide variety of educational purposes and in different educational activities.

There are several platforms where you can search for and access copyright-free images to use in your teaching. However, sometimes images are embedded in backgrounds that are not necessarily suitable for one's intended project. The ability to make images transparent and remove backgrounds from them is a key digital skill for teachers. Below are some of my favourite tools I use to remove backgrounds from images. Share with us if you have other suggestions to add to this list:

I have already reviewed ClipDrop in a previous post in the past. I use ClipDrop  on my Mac to capture screenshots and remove image backgrounds. ClipDrop automatically removes backgrounds from captured images. You can also upload images to your ClipDrop account and remove their backgrounds. The app also lets you " to easily capture any visual from your physical surroundings and paste it right into your digital documents".

Canva is one of my favourite platforms for designing various forms of visuals including posters and infographics I share with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Canva's editor has this powerful feature that allows users to remove backgrounds from images. You simply upload your image, click on Effects, and choose Background remover. Keep in mind that the background remover is a premium feature. Watch this video to learn more about how to remove image background in Canva.

This is a web tool I discovered through Tony Vincent. Lunapic lets you remover pesky backgrounds and make your images transparent. You can upload an image or use its URL to start editing it. Lunapic also provides a bunch of other editing features including: paste/blend, adding text, drawing tools, add borders, crop, and many more. Additionally, Lunapic is free and does not require no sign-up or login.

Another cool web tool that lets you easily remove backgrounds from images you upload. The tool is also free and you can use it without having to sign up. ToyaNicol3 has this interesting video explaining how to use removebg to remove image background to use in Google Slides. Watch the video to learn more.

5- Remove picture backgrounds in PowerPoint
If you use Microsoft PowerPoint then you will have access to its internal background remover feature. You simply upload you picture and click/double click on it, Picture Format appears. Click on Remove background button at the left corner. Watch this video to learn more about how to remove image backgrounds in PowerPoint.