Talk and Comment- A Helpful Tool to Record and Share Voice Notes

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Talk and Comment is a chrome extension that enables you to record voice notes and share them almost anywhere on the web. As a teacher, you may want to install and use it to share audio feedback in the form of voice comments on students work. This is especially helpful if you have a classroom blog or website. Each audio note you create has a generated link that you can easily copy and paste online. Students can also use it to collaborate on joint projects and to engage in discussions around topics of interest.

The way Talk and Comment works is simple and easy. First, install the extension from Chrome web store. Next open the webpage or head over to the platform where you want to share your audio comment and click on the extension's widget and start recording your comment. Once done, copy and paste the generated link.

Talk and Comment works on several digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Gmail, Reddit, Slack and many more. Watch the video below to see Talk and Comment in action.