Chromebook's Select to Speak Reads Aloud Selected Text

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In today's post we will dive in Chromebook accessibility features and share with you this handy text to speech tip we discovered through a tweet from Google for Education. As you probably know Chronebook has two built-in text to speech features: There is an integrated  Screen Reader which, once activated, will read everything you focus on. This feature is especially helpful for people with vision loss. Alternatively, there is Select to Speak feature which allows you to  select text and have it read out-loud.

Select to Speak feature can be activated from Chromebook's settings. Once on, you can then drag a box around text and have it read aloud. Words are highlighted as Select to Speak read them which is a great feature to help students with reading or comprehension problems. Language learners can also use this accessibility feature to develop speaking skills and learn appropriate pronunciation of a target language. Watch the video below to see how to turn on Select to Speak and what you can do with it.