A Huge Library of Icons to Use in Your Presentations and Documents

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Flaticon's extension ' Icons for Slides and Docs' provides access to a treasure trove of visually appealing icons to integrate in your Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Sheets. With a single click you can insert icons to reinforce your message and enhance your expressive abilities. The site hosts over 2 million high quality icons all of which can be customized to serve your own communicative needs. 

Falticon has a powerful icon editor which enables you to individualize your icons by changing their colour and size. It also includes a plethora of other interesting features such as collections, icon font, patterns generator and many more. Falticon's icons are not all free, only premium users have unlimited access to the site's full library. 

The way the extension works is simple and easy: install Icons for Slides and Docs on your Google Drive, open a document, spreadsheet, form, or presentation, and click on add-on and select 'icons for Slides and Docs' then click on start. Use the right side column to search for and insert icons in your work. Watch the video below to learn more.

You can also check this list of resources that provide access to educational icons to use in your classroom projects.