3 Great Apps to Handwrite Your Notes

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Below are some of great apps to help you make the best of your digital handwriting experience. Using a pen or pencil you will be able to handwrite notes on your iPad with almost the same accuracy and elegance as is the case with pen and paper. Also, these apps offer other helpful features such as PDF annotation, exporting of notes in PDF formats, organizing notes into folders, and many more. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback on our social media platforms.

One of our favourite apps in this list. GoodNotes 5 lets you take handwritten notes using Apple Pencil or use your keyboard to type your notes down. Other features provided by the app include: easily import your PDFs and documents to your GoodNotes and annotate them the way you want, use the Shapes Tool to create various forms of drawings, organize your creations into folders and files for easier navigation, export your documents as PDFs, and many more.

Another powerful app for handwriting notes. ZoomNotes allows you to "take handwritten notes and sketches on virtual paper, huge WhiteBoards , PDF files, images and MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents (via GoogleDrive). Sync your documents between your iPad and iPhone with iCloud."

As its name indicates, Pencl Notes lets you enjoy the experience of handwriting on a digital canvas using pen and lead pencils. Other features offered by the app include: annotate PDFs, draw using a digital ruler, customize color and size, 'work on multiple documents side-by-side using splitscreen-mode (iPad only)', and many more.