Another Great Chrome Extension to Enhance Your Online Reading

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Just Read is a Chrome extension that can help you turn your online reading into a pleasurable experience. It provides you with a distraction-free environment where you can focus on the content of your articles. With a single click, Just Read converts web pages into readable articles. You can also customize the settings of the extension to further individualize your reading experience. You can change the background colour of your articles, the font size, text colour, and link colour, and all for free.

While the free version is already good enough but you can access more features with the premium version. These include the ability to annotate your articles using highlight and comments, "autoscroll functionality, gradient text line for improved readability, custom scrollbars, domain specific content selectors," and most importantly the ability to share your articles in your Just Read format.

Watch the video below to see Just Read in action

Courtesy of Product Hunt