New Google Drive Updates for Sharing Files

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A few days ago, Google introduced new updates regarding Google Drive sharing interface making it much easier to share and collaborate on Docs, Slides, and Forms. These are timely updates especially now that an increasing number of people are house-bound and are relying on the collaborative features of the web to do their work from home. The new features will allow you to easily view who has access to your shared items and to create shareable links without having to change permissions.

Google Summarized these new updates in the three bullet points below:

  • "Separated, task-focused interface: The new sharing dialog highlights essential user tasks like sharing a file, changing permissions, and viewing file access. The redesign also visually separates sharing with people and groups from link-sharing. 
  • Quick “copy link” button: We’ve added a “copy link” button to make it easier to get the link without changing link permissions. 
  • Easily see current access: The new interface more clearly shows who currently has access to the item, making it easier to quickly audit and change permissions." 
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Screenshot source: G Suite Updates