15 Tips and Tricks for Android App Developers

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For those of you interested in learning about how to develop your own applications, the guide below is a good place to start with.The purpose of this article is to help you learn the following: 
  • What you need to know in order to create a great application for Android? 
  • What do you need to focus on in order to succeed in this area? 
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes? 
You will receive tips that will change your approach to development. Knowledge is very important, but structure is even more important. Do you have it? Maybe it's time to change something or call to an android App development agency?

Do you know who your audience is?

Deciding on the target audience is what every developer needs to do first!
Your goal is not only to represent the target audience, but also to identify its needs and preferences. This approach will change your app, make it better and even more useful. You should always know who you are targeting.

The typical mistake and how to avoid it

A typical newbie’s mistake is to find a unique way to solve an irrelevant problem. Each developer wants to come up with a unique app that will be needed by millions of users.

But this isn’t a reason to waste time solving small problems. Remember that all the best solutions are always simple. If your solution to the problem does not look simple, then users are unlikely to use it even for free.  Therefore, immediately after you have determined the target audience, you need to understand whether your application solves their problem or not. Ask the following:
  • Is this problem relevant to them?
  • How easy have you found a solution?
  • Is it effective?
  • Answer these questions and you will understand whether it is worth implementing this idea.
Check the code for errors
It would seem that the app works fine, but over time, crashes occur. Why does this happen?

Always check your code for errors. You can skip the space and the command will not work. Perhaps this will not immediately affect the operation of your application, but be sure that one day this error will make itself felt and it won’t be so easy to find it. Therefore, always check your code immediately.

How to develop a business model?
A popular app brings income to the developer, it is a fact. But this is only possible if the specialist has thought of monetization. Our agency can help you with this task. You can earn money on the app if you make the app paid for downloading or make the app free to download, but incorporate either in-app purchases or viewing ads into it. However, you should remember that only on advertising you will not earn much. Contact our specialists and they will help you decide on the way to make money on your app.

What do beginners forget?
It is extremely important to consider the availability of analogues of your idea in mobile application stores. Uniqueness is one of the main criteria for the competitiveness of your development. But then again, the uniqueness of the solution to the problem, not the uniqueness of the problem itself. This is an important nuance that is often forgotten by beginners.

Dream to get into the TOP applications!

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