An Excellent Storytelling Tool for Teachers

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The popular timeline creation tool Hstry is now Sutori. This is not only a change of name but is also a change of focus, it is a 'move away from the less flexible terminology of timeline into the story or presentation space’. Sutori is a great digital storytelling platform students can use to create and share stories. Sutori offers a number of interesting features most important of them is story collaboration which allows students to work on the same story together and in realtime just as is the case in a Google doc.

Students can embed different forms of multimedia content into their stories including images, videos, text, podcast and audio. Besides using YouTube videos, students can even upload their own videos and use them in their stories. ‘On top of being able to embed a story into any website, users now have public profile pages. This is great if you wish to show off some of your work all in one place! Here is an example from one of Sutori users.’ When stories are ready, students can share them via email or on social media.