How to successfully run Scrum meetings

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The everyday Scrum meetings may effectively assist in the development optimization and preparation for product release on time and without errors. However, it is a beautiful theory. On practice, such meetings may turn from an effective quick appointments into an annoying routine. How to provide the group with a useful everyday meetings and not to turn it into an overwhelming duty?

The idea of Scrum meeting
The Standup is a scheduled meeting that helps working groups to be more efficient and update everyday processes. The main idea of ​​the Scrum meeting is to spend 15 productive minutes with the whole team, exchanging the thoughts of group task. Among the participants could be the product owner, the Scrum chief, other team members accompanied by guests if necessary.

The format does not imply the availability of a table and chairs. Everything happens while standing, in order to avoid stretching the meeting for a long time. If some issues require additional attention, they may be discussed by those involved after the standup.

Increasing Criticism
Today, the standups in Scrum are often criticized, as they sometimes considered outdated practice. Nevertheless, they remains quite popular among many teams of developers. Product owners around the world confirm that this format helps to manage the team more effectively.

Organizing effective Scrum-meetings is not a unique talent. Competent preparation and conduction can be learned, practiced and constantly improved. The following tips will help the beginners or those who were organizing the Scrum events many times, but not the every time successful:

1) Select the format;
2) Identify and invite the participants;
3) Decide on the place and time;
4) Standing but fast;
5) Follow the agenda;
6) Simplify the process;
7) Collaborate and communicate;
8) Avoid common mistakes.

Managing remote meetings
If your staff works remotely, it does not mean that you have to cancel the Standups. Even if the participants live in a various time-zones, it is possible to arrange meetings via Standuply Slack bot. You are able to use this app to collect replies from the participants. Standuply maintains standups by working with participants in Slack and interviewing them by certain questions.

As soon as the participants give their replies, the bot creates a general report for the certain group. It can be sent in a convenient form (by email, Slack channel, etc).

Standuply has a plenty of useful functions if you follow the Scrum methodology. It performs Slack polls, runs retrospective meetings, assists in backlog grooming or poker planning. It significantly simplifies the work of distant participants during Sprints, replacing the Scrum chief. So, it definitely worth to think about.

Over time, following simple tricks and aiming for the result, it is possible to provide the group with an interesting and effective 15-minutes appointments, which will turn into a pleasant part of everyday work. Do you have any secrets of running Scrum meetings? Share them with us in comments.
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