Here Is A Great Screen Recording Tool for Teachers and Educators

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Screen recording tools are ideal ideal for creating educational video tutorials and explainers. Over the last few years we have reviewed a number of these tools and one of our favourite among them has been Screencastify. In today's post we are drawing your attention to another equally powerful tool called Nimbus Screenshots which is a multi-purpose tool that teachers can use to record screencasts and capture screenshots. For those of you using Chrome, Nimbus Screenshot is available a free-download extension.

Nimbus Screenshot is both a screenshot taker and screencast recorder. As a screenshot taker it offers the following services: you can use it to :

  • "Capture the entire web page, or a specific section of it
  •  Supports scrolling when capturing screenshots from web pages
  • Capture the entire browser window
  • Capture a screenshot of another program
  • Quickly capture a section of the webpage
  • On a blank canvas, create your own simple drawing or model
  • You can add own watermark on screenshot (Premium)
  • Add graphics and text boxes to your screenshot
  • Resize and crop
  • Add arrows and stickers
  • Highlight text
  • Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information
  • Add watermarks (premium)
  • Save screenshots in JPG and PNG
  • Save to Nimbus Note
  • Send screenshots to Slack
  • Upload screenshots to Google Drive, and Google Classroom
  • Upload screenshots to Dropbox (Premium)
  • Save screenshots to a PDF
  • Add comments to your screenshots and screencasts"

As for video recording, Nimbus allows you to:

  • " Record video from your screen to make a screencast
  • Record video of another active program
  • Record video from a webcam
  • Add your own watermark on the video (Premium)
  • Customize the video screen resolution and frame rate
  • Annotate the video with various shapes, including arrows and rectangles
  • Convert from WebM to MP4 and GIF (Premium)
  • Crop your video (Premium)
  • Trim your video (Premium)
  • Upload the screencast either to Nimbus Note or save to your disk
  • Publish screencasts on Youtube (Premium)
  • Upload videos to Google Drive, and Dropbox (Premium)."

Watch the video below to learn more about Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder