Some Good Apps for Kids with ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is, probably, the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children and teenagers. In rare cases, it can remain yet in adulthood. Those who order research papers online or need another kind of research paper help may not know that the disorder is characterized by the inability to control emotional impulses as well as lack of attention and ability to concentrate on a given task. Thus, school and home life of such children is affected. Despite the conventional meaning that computer games, due to their bright images, are harmful to children with ADHD, there exist various apps for kids that have the potential to help them cope with their symptoms.

Bugs and Buttons
This mobile application both for iOS and Android addresses one of the most problematic spheres of a
child with ADHD, their lack of attention. This is an entertaining game to play that can take your kid's breath away. Most importantly, it requires your child to be attentive to details to pass onto the next level of the game. As a result, this captivating experience can help your kid develop concentration and attention.

Monster Physics
Another fun-to-play game that will teach your child actual laws of physics. The gameplay is not
punishing at all, so if a kid fails to complete a mission, the application allows them to learn from their
mistakes and start all over again. This game can be called a simplified version of the extremely popular Minecraft, in which all you need to do is to build things. This one is a typical sandbox that is totally worth trying.

The platform features free Roblox games that are really engaging and fun to play. Generally speaking, this is another sandbox that requires a child to stay organized, plan things, and, consequently, create their own fantasy world within the game. One of the distinctive features of this game is that it supports not only mobile platforms like iOS and Android, but it can also be accessed via personal computer. Moreover, every creation gets a chance of being appreciated by other players so your child would want to make their world eye-catching and fun to attend.

Put It Away
Is your child's room always a mess? Make use of augmented reality and install the free iOS application ‘Put It Away' The game rules are quite simple: on the screen of the phone, you can see various things lying everywhere around the room, and your primary goal is to put them all away and get rid of the mess or to organize things in a virtual room. This app is certain to teach your child how to clean your house and learn suitable places for such things as a DVD player, TV, bookshelf, etc.

If nothing helps and you still cannot make your child clean their room, challenge them via Choremonster app. What you need to do is to join the game, and do the chores together. Finishing a task will earn you points, the one who has the biggest score at the end of the game wins. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to reward your child if they win. And, if you are competitive yourself, give them a chance, and don’t win too often.

AR Dragon (iOS only)
This virtual pet simulator is certain to teach your kid to care. A simple yet captivating game makes a
player own a ‘real’ dragon to take care of. While playing, you are required to feed and wash it regularly, play with it, and ensure that the dragon gets to sleep. The application is enjoyable and will be suitable in such cases when you either cannot afford a real pet or are afraid that your child won't manage to take care of it.

Toca Nature
Another sandbox game that requires a gamer to design and decorate their own world. Play together
with your child, develop their creativity and attention to detail. There are no quests, tasks or goals,
make your own ones! The game is most likely to calm down your active child, as its gameplay is just

ADHD is, of course, a problem that needs to be addressed once diagnosed. Though, many parents
underestimate the potential of the mobile apps in this matter. Instead, they may prefer more traditional methods of treatment. In my opinion, it is not worth neglecting the technological advancements. The mobile applications listed above have proved their effectiveness and are commonly approved by parents that have children with this disorder. The most important thing about all these games is that they address various problematic aspects of a child’s behavior, be it lack of attention, hyperactivity, lack of creativity. Just give them a chance and try them yourself, you are more than then likely to be surprised with the results.
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