What You Need to Know about Ethical Hacking

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The demand for ethical hackers in government and private sectors is increasing daily. This is because everyone needs to protect their system, server, and networks from other intruders. They steal your data, manipulate your system, and harm your business. The white hat or ethical hackers help you to block all intruders, who are hacking your system.

They find the weakness in your IT system and tell you how to fix them to keep away from illegal hackers or black hats. In the present digital world, all business functions on web-enabled services. This is happening due to the development of internet technologies.

Every business is focusing on Cybersecurity. They do need Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certified professionals in their system to protect their IT systems, information, and external threats.

What is Ethical Hacker?
The legal hackers are ethical hackers. They are also similar to a hacker but work for a good cause. They never steal your data or harm your system. They are working in an organization to protect your system from internal and external threats. They are qualified and certified people in cybersecurity. They work for full-time and part-time.

Many of the companies do hire trusted ethical hackers on a contract basis. They get high payment for their works. Every white hat hacker has his or her skills in hacking. They gain this through their computer programming skills and networking skills. A company and government agencies hire the verified or DA checked ethical hackers only.

How to become an Ethical Hacker?
There was a wrong assumption that only the computer programs can become a hacker. However, this was relevant when the internet and the World Wide Web were launched.

In the present world, technology has improved to Wi-Fi hacking. This is because of the use of a Smartphone as one of the internet-enabled devices by the common people all over the world.

The movies and series related to hacking have raised the interest of common people to hack their family members and friend’s social media account and instant messaging services. Some people

hack for others for money. Some hackers steal data and sell them to others for money. These are illegal and punishable if caught.

The legal hacking is called ethical hacking. They do this with permission to protect the IT system in a company or government agency. They act as IT security professionals. They see for malware and external threats. They find those threats and fix them by telling the organization for the vulnerabilities in their system. To become a professional ethical hacker, you must do the Ethical Hacking Course from an authorized institute.

You have to attend classroom-training, practical’s and show your hacking skills before writing the CEH exam. The people already having computing and programming skills can get online training and certification in Ethical Hacking.

Getting Started
First, you must find the technical training institute or niche training centers nearby your place. Secondly, you must find the authorized centers for Ethical Hacking certification and training. It is advisable to search for the top 10 Ethical Hacking training institutes in your place.

You must join the trusted and rated institute only. You must see that they give you the valid certificate. This is because it has global recognition to get employment in the cyber security field. Moreover, there are many institutes, that teach with hacking tools and kits only and will not help you become a professional ethical hacker.

There are no prerequisites to becoming an ethical hacker. However, the government agencies and businesses hire qualified people only.

     * Government Agency
The government agencies hire qualified people from computer field and with Ethical Hacking certification. This can be with bachelors or masters degree in computer and IT. They mostly hire for digital forensics and as cybersecurity staffs.

    * Private Company’s

The private companies hire qualified people from the IT field. However, they prefer a Ethical Hacking certified professional only.

   * Others
People with no computer programming and networking knowledge can also learn from the beginning to become an ethical hacker. You must find such an institute, which offer a hacking course for non-technical people. However, you have to learn with interest and develop skills for hacking.

Things to Keep in Mind when becoming an Ethical Hacker
He or she must have the working knowledge of the internet, computer, search engine, and networking. In the present world, hacking talent matters. There are also professionals who are not from the computer field. They are famous hackers, and business and government agencies hire them to do some particular task. The below mentioned are a few things that you must keep in mind to qualify as an ethical hacker.

  • You must choose Ethical Hacking to become a professional in the cyber security field.
  • The programming languages like C++, C#; Java, SQL, VB, Python, PHP, and HTML are added advantage to master Ethical Hacking easily.
  • The pays for ethical hackers in digital forensics are very high.
  • You must undergo training for Certified Ethical Hacker (Ethical Hacking) certification from a reputed institute only.
  • After certification in Ethical Hacking, you will work for the right cause only.
  • Illegal hacking can put in trouble, but you cannot use this certification anymore.
  • The IT companies and government agencies can blacklist you if found guilty of unethical practice while working in their system.
The ethical hackers are getting a high salary in the cyber security field. It is advisable to get proper Ethical Hacking certification and training before going to interview. This is because an interviewer will ask more questions on ethical hacking. The people studying in computer application and IT can get this certification before completing their course as an additional qualification. However, Ethical Hacking is a professional certification, which is valid globally.

There are more job opportunities for the certified and experienced people in the IT field. You can check this on job portals and check for the prerequisites and skills every company is asking for.

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