A Good Task Management App for Teachers

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Taskade is an excellent productivity tool we have recently discovered through Product Hunt. It allows you to turn new tabs into notepads with powerful features. You can instantly capture your thoughts and jot them down in a distraction-free editor, create to-do lists and checklists, outline your weekly tasks, plan for your projects and stay organized. More importantly, Taskade offers collaborative features that enable you to work with your team in real time and share with them lists and outlines you create.

Taskade note editor provides you with the tools you need to capture and arrange your tasks and checklists into an intuitive and neat interface. You can easily edit your text, change text colour and apply different styles and formats to  your notes. You can also create a shared folder and ‘invite your team instantly. It helps keep your lists and team organized. Members will have full access to lists in the shared folder. Use Taskade as your collaboration tool to help each other get stuff done. Meeting notes, task lists, collaborative documents and processes are now in one place in your shared Taskade team folder.’ Additionally, Taskade allows you to ‘edit lists dynamically with anyone through a share link in real-time. Your task lists are in sync across all devices live and in real-time. Collaboratively edit together in real-time with teams and groups. Simply select and share the edit link.’

Other interesting features provided by Taskade include: weekly ‘planner for your homework and assignments with friends and groups; inspirational wallpapers and photos, automatic syncing between your phone, tablet and computer; tag and filter tasks using #hashtag and @mentions; mark any items as complete, whether bullet, number, or checkbox; infinitely nested lists with indent / outdent…’ Give Taskade a try and share with us your feedback in our social media profiles.
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