A New Google Tool to Help Students Develop Their Coding Skills

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Today the world is celebrating Earth Day and on this accision Google, in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has this wonderful project called CS First where it invites kids in grades 4-8 to create their own Google logo and express their thoughts on how to protect the environment using block-based programming language Scracth. As they worl on this activity, students will get to practice and learn important computer science and coding skills which they can apply to a variety of educational activities.

The process to get started is simple and easy, ‘students can watch videos to learn computer science concepts like sequencing and loops, practice analytical thinking and use creative problem solving skills. Those concepts and skills are the building blocks for developing technology that organizations like WWF and Google use in their efforts to protect the planet’s animals and natural environment. In fact, the themes of the logo activity—Sustainability and Wild Animals— were chosen to reflect those efforts.’

As a teacher, you can sign in to CS First using your Google account. Once signed in you can then create your CS First club where you can invite students to join. The site offers various educational resources to help you teach students about how to use computer science skills in this Earh Day activity. These include instructional videos, lesson plans, informational flyers and many more. CS First also provides you with printable certificates and sticker badges to celebrate students hard work. Check out this page to see a sample of what students are coding.