4 Good Google Slides Add-ons to Visually Enrich Your Presentations

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A picture is worth a thousand words. What you can say in a lengthy piece of text can be summarized in a single picture or icon. There is a huge emphasis on the visual component especially in digital media. Pictures serve better communicative purposes and this is particularly demonstrated in presentations. Effective presentations are always visually oriented. They tend to include images and visuals that clearly illustrate corresponding ideas.  Next time you are working on a presentation, you may want to seriously consider the visual components in your slides, assess their relevance to the content presented and how well they serve your communicative goals.

If you are using Google Slides to create your presentations, the tools below are absolutely worth checking out. These are add-ons which provide you access to a wide variety of visual elements (e.g., educational icons) to insert in your slides. More specifically, they enable you to search for and access huge libraries of high quality stock photos and icons. However, some of these services are not 100% free as is the case with Adobe Stock. You may want to spend some time sifting through the collections to see which ones work for you.

1- Icons by Noun Project

‘Icons are a great way to visually illustrate any idea. With this add-on, you can quickly find the icon you need, change its color and size, and insert it right into your slide or doc with just one click, all without leaving your workflow. Choose from a huge, ever-growing collection of high-quality symbols, built by creatives from around the world.’

2- Unsplash Photos

‘Insert free, HD photos from Unsplash easily in any Slides presentation. Unsplash is the world’s premier community for HD photography. And the entire Unsplash library of curated high-resolution photos is now freely available directly in Google Slides for your presentations.’

3- Adobe Stock

‘Adobe Stock integrates seamlessly with Google Slides so you can easily search for images without leaving your presentation. Search by keyword or categories, and preview images inside your presentations. You can also use the power of Adobe Sensei by easily uploading an image to perform a visual search. When you’re ready to license an image, simply connect with your existing Adobe Stock account or sign up for one.’

4- Insert icons for Slides

‘Browse 1800+ free icons from Font Awesome & Google Material Design directly in Google Slides. You can choose any color you want and the icons are imported in your slides with a transparent background. A very simple way to choose the perfect icons to illustrate your presentation.’

For more resources on educational icons, check out this list.