Some Excellent Apps to Create Classroom Quote Pictures

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Starting your day with reading an inspirational quote can help lighten up your whole day and boost your motivation and overall moral. And if you are a teacher you might want to share these sources of inspiration and wisdom with your students too. In today’s post we are introducing you to some of the popular iPad apps you can use to access and read a wide variety of motivational quotes and nuggets of wisdoms from well-known authors and intellectual figures. We are also sharing with you another set of apps to help you turn those inspiration quotes into beautiful images and visuals to share with your students or print out and use in your classroom.

Source: Quotes Creator App

Inspirational Quotes Apps

1- Daily Quote

‘Inspirational and motivational quotes. Daily reminders to help you overcome adversity, persevere, achieve your goals, succeed. Start your day with a quote from our thoughtfully curated collection.’

2- Daily Words of Wisdom

‘Daily Words of Wisdom, inspirational quotes that can awaken us to see the world differently and provide renewed motivation’

3- Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

‘This app gives you many wise quotes on success, perseverance, courage, inspiration and hope. These motivational quotes will surely inspire you & give you the wisdom to live a satisfying and successful life.’

4- Quotes” - Inspirational Sayings and Wallpapers

‘Inspiring Quotes & Photos! 1000's of the best quotes! Get inspired, use as wallpapers, share with friends!’

Apps to Create Beautiful Quote Images
Besides the this collection of apps we reviewed before and which you can use to create educational posters and visuals, you can also draw on the apps below to design stunning quote pictures:

1- BrainyQuote

‘’Create and share more than 500,000 unique quote pictures and wallpapers with our beautiful gallery of high-resolution photographs. Email, text and share your creations with friends, family and social networks.’

2- Quote Maker

‘Add quotes to photo is the easiest app to create beautiful quote text posts. Select from a different variety of backgrounds and add inspiring quotes to share on Instagram. ’

3- Quotes Creator

‘Share your own thoughts or Words with picture. Create beautiful inspirational text pictures and sayings images for Instagram. Add poems or quotes to a photo and share your thoughts on Instagram. You can also add your own watermark, logo and QR code over image.’

4- ImageQuote

Create beautiful text pictures. It offers over 20 fashionable designed templates, high quality background collections, different fonts, colors and many more.

5- Poster Maker

‘Poster Maker allows you to update your status, write a quote, design a poster, send a photo message or wish someone a happy birthday…Select from a wide variety of beautiful gradients and solid backgrounds for your poster canvas’