Here Are Some Common Writing Errors Students Should Avoid (Infographic)

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Whether you’re a teacher, student or someone in business, having the right written communication
skills can make or break your professional appearance and can really set you apart from others in
your career (both for good and bad reasons!) Whether it’s you yourself making these common
writing mistakes or you know someone who you work with that needs a little help, the below
infographic will help you to visualise (and memorise) some of the most common writing mistakes.
You might not mean to make these common mistakes but it can often appear as being lazy when it
comes to simple writing errors that can be easily fixed and can save you from a lifetime of evil stares
from colleagues and clients. You might have an incredible CV and come across as a professional
individual in person, but if you’re making some of these mistakes on paper then you might just be
setting yourself up for failure.

The team over at Walkestone, a company providing business writing courses, has created a fantastic
visual checklist which pinpoints eight of the most common writing errors and how you can avoid
them. Are you guilty for making any of these mistakes? From learnt vs learned and effect vs affect,
to bear vs bare and your vs you’re, it’s time to get your written communication skills in tip top
  Here Are Some Common Writing Errors Students Should Avoid (Infographic)